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Lost, But No Longer Forgotten
by John DeBeck (Author)

  In February 2018, 30 months after the DANIEL J. MORRELL’s lone survivor, Dennis Hale, had passed away, and 15 months after the fiftieth anniversary of the MORRELL’s sinking on Lake Huron on November 29, 1966, Great Lakes marine historian John DeBeck met with Hale’s widow, Barbara, at which point a long, ongoing discussion about what to do with all of the MORRELL related items Hale had collected over 49 years developed into an idea. The idea was to donate all of these items to a museum which would be interested in creating a first-of-its-kind exhibit on the MORRELL and the 29 crewmembers. Executive Director Bruce Lynn, of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, stepped up, and plans developed for an exhibit scheduled to debut in June 2020. DeBeck, whose goal was to help with research for the exhibit, wanted to locate all of the 29 families of the crew—a gargantuan task—but one which could likely provide answers and clues that have never been known about the MORRELL and the wreck. As he went through this process, each answer seemed to create two more questions, and a full-fledged study of the MORRELL bloomed, turning into what affectionately became known as the “MORRELL Project.” It took DeBeck on research trips from coast to coast throughout the United States and Canada. Experts anxiously jumped on board at DeBeck’s request, including men like David Trotter, the famed diver, explorer, and leader of Undersea Research Associates, whose team joined DeBeck for a number of weekend dives and debris field studies of the MORRELL. Vintage ship expert Bruce Halverson from Fincanteri Marine Group took data that was discovered by DeBeck and the URA team and did extensive analysis with other shipping experts. Dozens of other professionals also added to the project. Much as DeBeck suspected, and was confirmed by research, the Coast Guard Board of Inquiry report was highly inaccurate, as brittle steel was not the cause of the breakup of the MORRELL. He also uncovered facts that people lied during their testimony during the Board of Inquiry, and long suspected that there were cover-ups as well. Never before has any author gone so far as to interview each family of a Great Lakes wreck, get the stories of the crew and their loved ones, search far and wide for documentation, and do the type of analysis done to give honest answers and better postulations about the third largest wreck in Great Lakes history, and the largest ever on Lake Huron. Yet, the story is not done, as more research and data is being conducted to find additional answers and hopefully prove some of the other theories that are postulated herein.
Also soon to be available in print and eBook via Amazon.

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