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Helga Kelly was born in Berlin, Germany, in April 1937. She shares her stories of the trials and tribulations of growing up in a war-torn country.

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Texas University Student, Tara Hutchins, unknowingly stumbled into a world of treachery, deceit, and terrorism on her immaculate manicured and picturesque college campus in Austin,Texas. Fear has gripped the heart of Tara as her very life hangs in the balance. Death and destruction seem to surround her and those she loves. Fleeing for her life has changed Tara in ways she would have never imagined.

Real, Honest Sailing With a Great Lakes Captain is a form of autobiography. The book is written by Warren Gerds in the voice of Captain Gary Schmidt based on 30 recorded interviews and conversations with the captain. Some of the chapters are stand-alone stories. Captain Schmidt sailed all over the Great Lakes during his long career. He made his home in Allouez when he was not off sailing.

   A pine seedling in a century-old stump, bears, plays, ticks and tickets, newsprint, digital imagery, deadfall, TV scripts, turkey vultures, symphonies and show tunes, blackberry picking, computers, a snake in the kitchen, publishing, one-liners, chainsaws and chaps, “Romeo and Juliet” and “Guys on Ice,” Teleprompters, howling at wolves, wireless microphones, soaring eagles, reviews by the hundreds, and live reports from the Dead Cow Farm.
   Enter the world of George, who writes. George works in reality and in his imagination. And he takes photos. The blend is dynamic.
   George is the alter ego of Warren Gerds, one of Wisconsin’s particularly prolific journalists. First for a newspaper and now for a CBS-TV affiliate, Warren has written upwards of 10,000 byline stories and columns. There is more to tell and show – as in these pages.

The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 sets the story of two people in motion. The dashing Nickolaus sees his aspirations smashed by his foolhardiness. The impassioned Olive sees her castles in the air toppled like a house of cards. Though they are caught up by the fire, it will be in another place when they will feel its impact on their lives. Author Warren Gerds, a theater critic, takes the reader by imagine to an evening at the theater during which "Nickolaus and Olive" is the world premiere event filled with touching and wildly comic experiences.

Denise Ryan’s poetry has appeared in THE SHOp, Crannog Magazine and the Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts, in addition to inclusion in the 2012 anthology Prose on a Bed of Rhyme published by Swan Press. Her poetry was also shortlisted and runner-up in the 2012 Francis Ledwidge and Jonathan Swift poetry competitions, as well as contributing two poems to the National Famine Commemoration, one of them read in Dublin and at the twinning commemorative event in New York City in 2010. She is a long-term member of the Rathmines Writers Workshop.

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